Stereotypical Arab Western-Style Dress 

I should take pictures of this as proof but I am not that sneaky.

The guys slick their hair and it reminds me of the movie Grease. Actually the stylish male outfit is sinilar to Grease, tight pants, t-shirt with maybe a jacket or vest. Unless they are exercising I never see guys in athletic shoes but a lot seem to wear khaki hiking boots. Loafers are very popular as well!

For the ladies, they are usually cognizant of staying fully covered. But that doesn’t mean they wear boring clothes! Typically there’s lots of bright jewelry & bright nail polish with even some animal print apparel. Makeup is done well with kohl-lined eyes and well plucked (sugared or waxed) eyebrows, lipstick is bright and colorful. For the hair, big is good! With the hair wrapped under a scarf snd the face is outlined by the scarf. For forward, heels or boots or bedazzled sandals are commonplace.

Middle East Dress Code

Be forewarned!! Shoulders are bared in this post…and full arm exposure!


Here in the good old capital of a Middle East country, though there is a lot of westernized folks, it’s still culturally the norm to cover your shoulders, chest & your body past your knees.

The above outfit is Middle-East summer approved! Lightweight layers, most of the body covered and looking feminine. 

It’s in the 90’s here and I am very thankful that revealing toes are not considered immodest! 

Bad Style Choices & Spent Energy

Traveling provides an opportunity for me to examine others’ clothing choices & what they shoot with their camera.

And laugh at them. And me. Because that’s only fair.


Razzle dazzle bedazzle.


It’s hard to tell from the picture but she’s wearing a business suit & uggs. Bad combo.


Shiny, glossy (as in must have to get shoes shined) sneakers. Yes sneakers that are “dressy”.



Taking pictures of cats when you have 100 year old ruins all around you.


Disclaimer: I am no fashion guru and recognize my clothing of choice leaves much to be desired as well as my camera shooting subjects. See above. It was my best pair of “clean” pants. And I was cold.

 Oh the things you see and do when you trave…