From Our Ears & Mouths

Mama: “Who wrote the gruffalo?”
Hallmark: “CS Lewis!”

Hallmark: “Is CS Lewis our godfather?”
Hallmark: “The bumps on his face look like he has whiskers.”
Hallmark: “I’d like a Komodo dragon for a pet. I’d call him Dragon.”
Hallmark: “If my wife and I have a baby boy then we’ll all go into space.”
Hallmark: “You look beautiful Scoob!”

Scoob: “No I don’t. I’m not wearing a dress.”

Hallmark: “You don’t have to wear a dress to look beautiful.”

Daddy: “You have the best mama in the whole wide world.”

Hallmark shocked: “What?!”
Joyfull: “My nose hurts from bless-you-ing!”

Mama seeing Scoob looking through the Bible: “What are you reading in the Bible?”

Scoob: “George & Martha”

Final Post on Living & Traveling Overseas

*Day 31 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.


Traveling overseas is an adventure

and with children it’s a journey

from learning more about yourself to

recognizing when the kids are just plain exhausted.

IMG_6439You’ll come across weird sightings like this black light in our bathroom in Turkey.



To sitting on the Mountain where Jesus preached the Beatitudes


You’ll see your kids grow and develop a wider worldview,


and overcome obstacles they wouldn’t have tried before.


Sometimes you’ll feel a bit wonky,


Or maybe even dirty…


so clearly life’s not always going to be as easy as floating in the Dead Sea,

but seeing the world is worth it all!


I would live in Tel Aviv…

*Day 28 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.


It’s like the New York City of the region

but cheaper, prettier and probably safer than our American counterpart.

IMG_9693It reminds me of Japan where I can walk, bike or taxi most places

and where personal driving & parking is a hassle.


All in a day you can get an Israeli breakfast, Mexican for lunch and Asian for dinner.

All within walking distance and oh the food is good!


I can also wear the clothes I feel comfortable in without being concerned of offending others.

And we also had a fabulous stay because we stayed in a great AirBnB apartment!


This is a city I could see us living & thriving in!



Getting the Itch

*Day 22 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids
**All stories are true.

Lately there’s been a bit of disgruntlement (yes that’s a real word). Just a stirring or unrest in our family life. 

 We haven’t been on a trip in over 2 months and it’s strange. I think after taking a trip every month for many months in a row your body adjusts and then you get the itch.

You get the itch to travel and though you spend time discovering new local spots, you miss the wide wild adventure of a new country.

Man it will be an adjustment to move back to the States next year!