Adoption: Bright & Beautiful


We became a family young.

Before our first anniversary, The Third was born.


We adopted young.

As in, I was not yet 23, when hour old Joyful was put in my arms with multiple kisses.

A year and a half later, I placed newborn Hallmark onto my chest, soaking in the skin to skin contact.

I am happy to say that Optimistic and I were in agreement on adopting.

We wanted to before we had met and just prayed for the right timing after we married.

The timing was clearly God (as it always is), I had been dealing with medical obstacles and pregnancy was not advised.

We have always wanted a growing little bunch of kids and felt God pulling us towards adoption at that time.

Within the first 6 months of the adoption journey, we were matched with Joyful’s birthmother and Joyful was born a month later.


A series of events & 18 months later, we were blessed with the rapid match with Hallmark’s birthmother and his birth a week later.


We pray that’s not the end of our family’s history on adoption.


Adoption details will follow in blog posts.


            For those curious the route we went with adoption,

           here’s the basics:

             We adopted domestically.

                              After researching and some trial and errors,

                             we found an amazing private adoption lawyer.

                               And now we are a family of 6 with hopes for future adoptions

                       and a desire to live each day loving each other!



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