Everyday Oddities Unusual for Foreigners

Beauty in the junk truck

Beauty in the junk truck

Here you will find things that just make you want to giggle.

And can also be thought-provoking too.

Like the above, why not paint designs on haul-away junk trucks?

Dazzling displays

Dazzling displays

Over the top displays in higher-end stores seem to be commonplace.

Nightly sky

Nightly sky

The vivid evening skies are awe-inspiring! I am not use to such magnificence!

Sidewalk Parking

Sidewalk Parking

Why do you pave sidewalks?

I guess so you can park on them.

So normal.

Never ticketed.

Hang on veggies!

Hang on veggies!

The produce/farmer trucks here don’t seem to care much for tarps or netting.

Empty Lots

Empty Lots

This is a beautiful, nearly untouched or about to be built on, lot.

Most lots here are littered and have everything from garbage bags of trash to

empty plastic bags to

bones to rocks to

wild cats to laundry lines…

Garbage bag kite

Garbage bag kite

This is our city. And there was a little boy attached to the end of the homemade kite string.

Ruins and modern city, all squeezed in together!

Obscure entryway

Obscure entryway

Sometimes the best restaurants are advertised and you have to go through 4 unmarked doorways to get to the hostess.

Some other nuances include:

1. Shakira music blasting in grocery stores while I shop next to fully-covered Muslim women

2. Produce stands that pop up on the roadside one day and don’t have a schedule for return days.

3. All police vehicles drive with their emergency lights flashing.

I have no idea how I’ll ever know if they are pulling me over.

4. Ambulances makes a sort of bubbly alarm noise when they need you to move out of their way.

5. McDonalds has valet parking. And also have a McDelivery Service here.

Are you ready to come visit???

Say what?!


This was going to be a big day for me. My first day to drive around and run errands. I also was meeting my Arabic teacher at my house. It went downhill after I dropped the babies off at preschool.

I arrived home 10 minutes before the tutor was suppose to arrive. As i hurriedly and cluelessly tried to get coffee brewing in the maker (I don’t drink coffee) I get a call from my tutor R and she is at the location my map had pinpointed our house as being located. But alas shes not outside my house and I have no idea where she is.

So I get in my friend’s car (who generously is lending it to me while she is away) and start driving and looking. She then says she’s by the Libyan embassy. So I google map it and realize it’s 15 minutes away-say what?!

I book it over and when I get to the location R says that she can’t see me and neither can I. So I hand my phone to a Libyan guard who then explains to her in Arabic that there’s two Libyan embassies. And they are across town. Say what?!


So I try to drive away only to get flagged down for driving the wrong way on a one way street. Some kind person told me to follow him to get out of the maze of roads and I google map something major just to get my bearings. I am concerned about this being the first way I am meeting my Arabic tutor. I wish I could just jet pack it to her location and don’t want to waste her time or have her feel like she is being used or be disrespectful of her.

Enter my handsome husband, I called him and mercifully he answered (unusual) and was able to jump in the car and meet R and escort her back to our house.

Oh did I mention that my househelper was waiting outside the house in windy weather? Yep, totally couldn’t do anything about that either.

As I drove back I just tried to find things I was thankful for.

-Like not crashing or even getting any scratches on my friends car (there were some narrow roads!).

-That my hubby was able to meet my tutor and hopefully profusely apologize.

-I am thankful my househelper was so kind and graciously waited outside.

-I am also thankful that I saw a different part of the city that apparently let’s goats eat off the garbage hills next to apartments.

-And also the highway was at a standstill because a shepherd and his sheep or goats needed to walk through!

-My tutor R was also very forgiving and understanding. Even though I forgot to ever make the coffee and our heater wasn’t working so she had one of our blankets wrapped around her!

Humbling, mercy-full, kinda tiring and just plain need to get over it!

Oh and as I went to pick up the kids???

I totally got lost again!

Nothing like a good humbling day!