Stereotypical Arab Western-Style Dress 

I should take pictures of this as proof but I am not that sneaky.

The guys slick their hair and it reminds me of the movie Grease. Actually the stylish male outfit is sinilar to Grease, tight pants, t-shirt with maybe a jacket or vest. Unless they are exercising I never see guys in athletic shoes but a lot seem to wear khaki hiking boots. Loafers are very popular as well!

For the ladies, they are usually cognizant of staying fully covered. But that doesn’t mean they wear boring clothes! Typically there’s lots of bright jewelry & bright nail polish with even some animal print apparel. Makeup is done well with kohl-lined eyes and well plucked (sugared or waxed) eyebrows, lipstick is bright and colorful. For the hair, big is good! With the hair wrapped under a scarf snd the face is outlined by the scarf. For forward, heels or boots or bedazzled sandals are commonplace.


Middle East Dress Code

Be forewarned!! Shoulders are bared in this post…and full arm exposure!


Here in the good old capital of a Middle East country, though there is a lot of westernized folks, it’s still culturally the norm to cover your shoulders, chest & your body past your knees.

The above outfit is Middle-East summer approved! Lightweight layers, most of the body covered and looking feminine. 

It’s in the 90’s here and I am very thankful that revealing toes are not considered immodest! 

First plane ride with 4 Kids

This is my first real post using the WordPress iPhone app. This will have to do for the month or two I am away from regular life.

We made it to Hawaii and are having a wonderful time already!

Here’s a few things that helped me when we traveled yesterday.


I think most people do this but I wanted to also mention it. Dressing kids in plain bright colors helps to spot them in a hurry.

I also picked shirts I could easily remember them wearing. The pink owl shirt of Sweet Cheeks & the salmon colored bike shirt for Joyful is from Honey Bee Tees and it is a great company! The creator Darby is kind hearted and lovely!

Hallmark loves orange & blue (&Aubie!) and the Third wore his mini Muddy buddy shirt (a favorite of his!).


I forgot to take a picture of Joyful in her silk hair cap on the plane (hence the pajama wearing shot above). She wears the silk cap to keep frizzies at bay and it worked fabulously!


Sweet Cheeks loved this silly family book that my MOPS crafty guru presented to us. It kept her entertained (yes and she did color on her hands a bit) and life was blissful for her when she was focused on it.

I’ll write about the craft in an upcoming post.


Flight attendants can be angels. These group of blessings offered free media gadgets (whatever those are called) and slipped us 3 or 4 free hot free meals.


For the 20 minutes she slept & the times that turbulence scared her, the comfort of her blanket is worth dragging around and getting dirty.

So comfort items are a must in my book!

Next up will surely hold some beautiful beach pictures!

DIY Superhero Capes


DIY T-shirt Cape

I realize I am not the first to make capes

but a kind woman at the library

mentioned to me how I should put them on the blog.


 And so I am!


What kid doesn’t love a comfy superhero cape?

Capes can flap in the wind!

Capes can flap in the wind!

And what mom doesn’t love a DIY project that takes 3 minutes and no shopping?

Flowing cape

Flowing cape

So grab an old t-shirt and scissors!

Toddler Superhero

Toddler Superhero

Follow the instructions and surprise your kids!

Lay t-shirt on flat on table.

Lay t-shirt on flat on table.

Cut the sleeves off and one side of the shirt taking care to keep the collar in tact.

Cut the sleeves off and one side of the shirt taking care to keep the collar in tact.

Many times the kids leave the house and I absentmindedly don’t realize their capes.

Nearly every time we leave with them on, we get comments.

It might not only brighten your kids’ day but others in your community!


And your kids may just dance their way around the backyard and the neighborhood!

Dancing capes

Dancing capes

My Kids Are Better Dressed Than Me

My kids are better dressed than I am.

But you know what, I am ok with that.

Not all the time, but on the normal days, it doesn’t bother me.

Matching & Happy

Matching & Happy

This isn’t a rant against the anti-yoga pants conversation.

It’s just real life and how I see it.

Slept on this twisted hair and out all day with it in!

Slept on this twisted hair and out all day with it in!

I spend my days teaching my children,

serving their needs,

delighting in them,

pointing them to our Savior.


During our run & bike time this morning

It’s not always clean & pretty.

Sometimes you need to be ready for a mess

or to run quickly and pick up a fussy baby.

I'd much rather be looking for crabs with my curious offspring.

I’d much rather be looking for crabs with my curious offspring.

So I dress like this for those days.


Sweatpants, t-shirt & warm pullover=Mommy success day!

The days I don’t want to be hampered by my designer low-rise jeans.

The days I don’t want to have a baby rip off some embellishment on my shirt.


Sunny weather=workout clothes all day long!

The days I want to chase my kids

and have my kids chase me.


Biking & Cruise ship sightings all at the same time!

The days I want to tickle my kids.

And maybe try to fend off any tickles myself.

And checking out this view instead of tripping over my heels.

And checking out this view instead of tripping over my heels.

I want to be a mom that welcomes her kids

and her kids know that she is touchable

and won’t mind the dirt along with the little kisses.

How do you handle clothes and kids?