About Oopy

Hi! I am Oopy and I have tried blogging several times and it always seems to stutter to a stop. So this time, I am writing about what I am actually living and doing. As I process my unique life, I want to share it with the world in the hopes of encouraging others and finding new friends. You’ll find occasional recipes (because I love to eat ethnic foods), adoption (a big chunk of my heart is all in adoption) and living overseas with kids (because that’s what we do) and traveling back to the States too.  Feel free to contact me or just read the posts. Share the love by pinning so your Pinterest followers can read up too!

A few things about me:

1. My childhood memories are based in Japan.

2. I married an Army officer and traveling overseas is part of his career.

3. I love to make and eat ethnic foods.

4. My closest relationship is with my Savior, Jesus Christ.

5. I knew I wanted to adopt when I was in elementary school.

6. I am slowly learning how to not compare myself or judge others.

7. My dad used to call me Oopy and sometimes would sing endearing songs about Oopy Sloopy…aka me.

Through the blessings of adoption and pregnancy, we have 4 children so far. (Yes, so far, we’d love to have more as shocking as that is nowadays.)

These cuties are the true stars of the blog….

Their blog names are:


Polar Bean



















*Professional Pictures for my profile was captured by the incredible S. Randall Photography

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