I’m Not Capturing Enough Pictures

Rainbow Chocolate Cake for Joyful

Rainbow Chocolate Cake for Joyful

I store memories in my mind but the visual reminders in picture form

are a cherished way to relive the treasured moments.

Sweet Cheeks Peek-a-boo

Sweet Cheeks Peek-a-boo

Could picture taking be a love form?

Double flower child

Double flower child

If so, I heap lots of love on my kids.

Throw rocks in the creek

Throw rocks in the creek

There are quiet moments when I spend all my energy focused on that specific emotion

and time

and individual.

Hallmark upside down

Hallmark upside down

And other times when I want to capture the essence in picture form.


I am an amateur and I’ll keep on trying.

IMG_8787And this is just one way I show my love for the Creator and Giver of all Life.

Before & After Hawaii

When we left for Hawaii, we were pasty, ready for a change and hoping for a few challenges!

First full day in Hawaii

First full day in Hawaii

Although there are 100 reasons why we were excited about this trip,

one was to encourage the kids to get out of their comfort zone.


Tan-less baby

 In a relaxed setting, the kids were pushed out of their comfort zones to try

new things,

eat new foods,

and meet new friends!


The girls with their matching tattoos & paler complexions.

Hallmark overcame his fearful impression of the ocean and waves.


Once she got heated up, Joyful would leap into the water

and remembered how to swim (from 2 summers ago)!


Joyful finding new ways to get sand everywhere.


About the halfway point of our trip

Mother’s Day was celebrated in Hawaii with some delicious chicken and waffles and these munchkins!

I was pushed out of my comfort zone by running with my brother in law’s military group.

Intimidating and fun!


Joyful was able to get over her sandy issues and delight in the grit.


Batman and boogie board

The last week of the trip, Hallmark would adventure out into the ocean by himself to get water.

He even would grab a boogie board and go out with the Third.


A true adventurer

We also acquired some sunnier skin tones and beachy sun-bleached hair!


The babies at the beach being goofy.

The kids had their first motorcycle ride with Uncle J.


Hallmark looks a little uncertain on the motorcycle.


Joyful is always ready for a motorcycle ride!


The Third happily ready to go!


Hallmark was given the privilege to row our boat with our ever exciting guide.


The kids also learned about spear throwing.



We hiked Diamond Head too!

Trying Hawaiian shaved ice was a new experience and certainly an easy way to win over the kids to trying new foods!

Trying Hawaiian shaved ice was a new experience and certainly an easy way to win over the kids to trying new foods!

We left refreshed, pushed to new limits and thankful for the love of our family!

Are you intentional with getting your kids to try new things?

If so, how do you encourage them?

What sorts of things do you have them try?


Visiting a New State

Aloha! Can you guess where I am? I have kept mute of our specific travels just to keep you all from jealousy. But here’s a little picture blurbs of our recent adventures.


We hiked to the top of Diamond Head. My brother in law carried Hallmark the 3/4 mile hike up and then on the way back the Third ran down with him. Sweet Cheeks was in the backpack for the way up and then scampered down on her own two feet the last 1/4 mile while Hallmark took her prized seat. Joyful found her rhythm and held onto my sister’s hand.


And this is what you get at the top. Even for my fear of heights, the view was breathtaking!


We also have visited Pearl Harbor.


And it was a solemn occasion where the kids could feel the heaviness of the history.


It was an opportunity to explain to the kids how we pray for our enemies and how enemies can become friends. It’s hard for them to comprehend how we are to love our enemies but that’s what Christ did with us.


But let’s be real. We have done a lot of beach visits!


We have checked out crabs, sea turtles, paddle boarded, boogie boarded, thrown sand, jumped waves, skipped rocks, screamed and ran from the waves, buried ourselves, and eaten a lot of snacks!


We’ve had lots of sleepy moments too.


And a lot of kisses.