I’m Not Capturing Enough Pictures

Rainbow Chocolate Cake for Joyful

Rainbow Chocolate Cake for Joyful

I store memories in my mind but the visual reminders in picture form

are a cherished way to relive the treasured moments.

Sweet Cheeks Peek-a-boo

Sweet Cheeks Peek-a-boo

Could picture taking be a love form?

Double flower child

Double flower child

If so, I heap lots of love on my kids.

Throw rocks in the creek

Throw rocks in the creek

There are quiet moments when I spend all my energy focused on that specific emotion

and time

and individual.

Hallmark upside down

Hallmark upside down

And other times when I want to capture the essence in picture form.


I am an amateur and I’ll keep on trying.

IMG_8787And this is just one way I show my love for the Creator and Giver of all Life.


Get Over the What-Ifs

What if I look silly?

Fierce Falcons Shot

Fierce Falcons Shot

What if the porcelain china breaks?

Jumping for Joy and Excessive Sugar

Jumping for Joy and Excessive Sugar

What if people don’t understand what I am trying to say?

Silly parental picture

Silly parental picture

What if we can’t speak the language?

Festive Mask

Festive Mask

What if the birthmother changes her mind?

Deep in Festive Thought

Deep in Festive Thought

What if my kid wears something that doesn’t match?


Manly Fierce Falcons

Get over the what-ifs…they are holding you back.

Follow His calling and live in the Light.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

*Pictures from Joyful’s birthday celebration. The theme was masquerade party!

When Praying Gets Routine

I had gotten into a rut. Praying the same prayers. As if it were just rote memorization but not actual communication to my Lord, Guider of all life.


After reading two books, one on praying and the other on living to abundantly bless those with our excess I opted to do a praying experiment.


I didn’t have grandiose plans for the short experiment but was curious to see where it led.

I realized I had some excess time that I could funnel into prayer time instead of Instagram or blog reading/writing time.


Starting with 5 minutes on the first day, I prayed and added 3 minutes each subsequent day.

I was curious if my ever distracted, multitasking mind could handle praying for long periods of time.

I was curious if this alone time would boost my relationship with my Savior or leave me even more “bored”.


Just as some days are mundane ones, others are filled with new experiences. I found the prayer time similar to daily life. If I was focused and seeking time with God, the prayer time sped by. Likewise if I was tired, I’d easily get distracted or fall asleep.

I left the experiment wanting more. More prayer time, more quiet moments in His presence, more earnestness to seek Him. I long for asking big prayers and seeing big answers.


I learned that:

1. A prayer journal is really helpful.

2. Recording my prayer list helped me stay on task.

3. Adding Scripture verses to various prayer points gave me beautiful words that I could really understand and ask forthrightly.

4. Starting a timer on my phone gave me total freedom to pray and be in communion with Christ knowing I had set aside the time and made the time priority.

5. During my longer prayer times, I found my days flowed better. I was content and peaceful. All my concerns I had already laid down at the feet of Jesus. All I needed to do was wait; listening and watching for the answer.


I worked up to an hour but felt led to stop when I noticed I had to multitask to complete the allotted prayer time within a 24 hour period before falling sleep.

After asking my husband for wisdom on when I should end the experiment and we mutually agreed that it was probably the right time to end it, I had to battle guilt.

My sinful heart loves to accuse me of giving up for the wrong reasons, heaping coals on my head reminding me how human I am. So I have prayed in the short quick moments in the day that I wouldn’t bow to guilt.


Now that I have been able to digest this experiment, I hope to build in a little more blocked prayer time into my daily routine.

Did you know Martin Luther prayed for at least 2 hours every day? I may not have the fortitude of Martin Luther but surely I can chisel out 15 or 20 minutes in the early quiet to talk to my King.


And I recognize that there will be seasons of my life where even those few precious minutes will need to be elsewhere.

Praying to the Prince of Peace has given me the direction to the flow of my life.

Easter Rehash

Wouldn’t it be nice if Easter was all pretty?
If everything looked exactly perfect?


Like these boys, they are look so sharp. Ties, bright smiles and happy hearts!


But on the original Easter weekend,

everything seemed to go horribly wrong.


The Jews’ Savior was crucified.

And I bet the post-death environment was quite heavy.


But then the impossible happened.


On Sunday morning, Jesus rose again!


He didn’t reveal himself to astute rabbis or Caesar.


He first shows Himself to women

and then to close friends.

Simple, normal, joe-schmo people.

The ones who forget to put shoes on their kids.

The ones who spill food on the floor.

The ones who…you fill in the blank.


Your season of Easter may not have been perfect.

Mine wasn’t.

We actually didn’t do any


Easter crafts or projects or readings.


The day before Easter, we read the somber and most wonderful story from the Bible.


Our family may not match.


We may not wear trendy clothes.


We may not have high-quality photos.


We don’t grasp the full weight of His death and resurrection.


But we do look for the eternal hope.


Clearly our family history is a little unordinary.


But reading the Scriptures leave us with little doubt.


Our treasures are in heaven.


And no matter how messy,



 discouraging life is,

we put our trust in hope

in a Savior who rose from the dead

to give us LIFE.


And so we clench that Hope and Life!

Happy Belated Resurrection Day!


As An Introvert I Like to Travel

This is a brilliantly silly post bent on encouraging the introverts

to step outside their house and try overseas traveling!


 I grew up in Japan.

I have been to several other countries on various trips.

I married a guy who’s job (Lord willing) is to travel.

But I am an introvert.

Is it possible to love to travel and be an introvert???

Most certainly YES!

One of my childhood homes in Japan

One of my childhood homes in Japan

1. When you are traveling, you’ll likely be in places where there’s a lot of people.

But you don’t have to interact with those people!

You actually can stay incognito and people watch

because others are distracted by everything around them.

I like to people watch, do you?

My family many years ago

My family many years ago

2. If you are going to a country that doesn’t speak your language,

you have every excuse not to talk to anyone!

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables

3. Have you ever tried ethnic food in its respective country??

That’s reason enough to go!

And it’ll give you some good conversation topics when you are back with society.

Little Me

Little Me

4. Ironically enough, traveling overseas allows me to meet new friends.

And it’s kinda nice, they typically live all over the world

so maintaining their friendships is easier

because you are reduced to social media and email.

(Pretend Skype & Facetime don’t exist!)

Are you an introvert?

Do you like traveling?