Our First Family Restaurant Experience

Hookah bar

Hookah bar

While traveling a nearby city, we found a good restaurant to try.

The kids had walked a good bit and so we opted to try a well-received local restaurant.

Instead of an alcohol bar, the restaurant had a hookah bar.

Above entryway mirror

Above entryway mirror


Sitting at the table

Sitting at the table

They had benches for us to sit around a low table

which of course the kids thought meant it was their inside playground….

Joyfull loving the food!

Joyfull loving the food!

We had a great time with our friends and enjoyed several appetizer dishes together.

As you can see from Joyfull’s hands and plate, it was good!!!

Friends for life


I try to instill in my kids the desire to build friendships with their siblings.


Currently Sweet Cheeks, Hallmark & Joyful are playing doctor and patient. Third is listening to an audiobook (his new favorite quiet activity).

I know different personalities interact better than others so I just encourage natural interaction and attempt to instill common courtesies and social skills.


When I do want the kids to spend time together, I try to let them do something they both love. Like eating apples!


Bonding over hard work is another way to deepen relationships. Have you ever trained for something? Didn’t you get close with your training buddy? (Introvert talking here, I trained alone but I did share a lot with other running friends.

The kids have a few chores to do throughout the week. Enter bonding over putting dishes away and dragging garbage bags out on the street.


Dress up is another sure-fire way for the kids to play together. Whether it’s cowboys or ballerinas.


I pray our kids treasure these built-in friendships. No matter where we go, we’ll always be living with these friends until adulthood.

I hope the hubs and I set a good example. He’s my best friend and I love to spend time with him. The more I interact with him and show emotions (laughing, excited, serious, etc) as the kids are present, the better it is for them to witness how to build a strong friendship.


A Basket-Full of Encouragement


After having a baby (or really just being a mom to young kids) you can sometimes feel a little bit out of it and dirty and stinky and well less feminine.

I still can struggle with not feeling feminine or girly, so imagine a new mama who is balancing less sleep & long hours, dealing with the weight of having a new person to love and care for and trying to get back into the groove of life?


Enter a little bit of encouragement in the form of a few of her favorite things!

*This can also bless a new mama via adoption, a single mom, a just moved into town neighbor or someone who’s recently become an empty-nester.


I enlisted the help of a friend to help me gather ideas for a little pick-me-up present. (My hubs also contacted the husband to learn some of her favorite things.)

The kids and I picked up…


An aromatherapeutic candle


Dove milk chocolate (Sweet & sentimental notes inside the wrappers)


Fruity, sweet and still girly


Lara-bar for when you need a little extra something.


Berries covered chocolates…need I say more?


Target wasn’t carrying the candy she liked (info acquired via husbands), so I opted for similar gummy candy.

Another way to spruce up a girl is to pick up some classy earrings. I went with a very neutral design because I wasn’t sure what she liked.


Martha Stewart magazine…..for all those times she has extra time to read!!


Lastly picked up flowers & a seasonal drink and sped this little combo over to her house ASAP.

I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling super happy and was very self-focused that day. But once I opted to surprise a friend, it blessed me in turn to use my energy for someone else!

How do you like to cheer others?