Images from Egypt

What I saw and wish I had pictures of:

A Preteen kid on a bike herding a running cow down the street 

Raw carcass hanging from the ceiling and an old man smoking a hookah next to it

Boys walking around with a clear plastic bag filled with licorice juice and a straw twisty-tied to make a disposable drink

An old man on the side of the road with a flat cardboard on his head as a hat selling packets of tissues 

On the highway there was a man riding a motorcycle with a white box on the back of motorcycle and as we passed by another man popped out of the box.

In the local souq (market) a guy has a gun resting on his lap nonchalantly.

Old fashion games without water toys

We brought our goggles, puddle jumpers, one young lady’s swim cap and found some empty disposable water bottles.


We had the entire day to burn and with a swimming pool and imagination and lack of toys, we dived right in. 

Mermaid imagination happened.

The kids dove for coins.

And played swimming under the bridge. (The bridge being my legs…)

When the kids tired out, we whipped out audiobooks and relaxed in the shade. 


With water came an ice bucket that provided an hour of fun for the littlest.

And when we headed out, we rung this little lady’s hair because the hair cap couldn’t keep it all dry.  It was a fun pool experience! No rules like no running, or no glass bottles or not yelling. Just silliness and sun!