Celebrating Life 

We don’t create elaborate birthday parties or typically invite friends unless it’s a family dinner birthday party.

We celebrate life in other ways.

We celebrate life through crafting and making a welcome home banner for Daddy.

We celebrate life by saving our pennies for another adoption.

We celebrate life through buying a large lamb leg (6 kgs!) and inviting friends over to enjoy the feast.

We celebrate life through putting down our cell phones and looking each other in the eyes.

We celebrate life through devoting our evenings to reading aloud and asking specific questions about our kids’ days.


We celebrate life through sharing who is the Giver of Life.

We celebrate life through every day wonders like a new flower bloom or a cat that jumps into our yard.

We celebrate life through foot rubs and hiding from the kids and eating homemade yummy chocolate peanut butter cups.

We celebrate life differently than most but I love this life sharing, giving, living!

New Birthday Tradition


We started a new family tradition.

On each person’s birthday we are going to take turns and say at least one character trait that we admire and love in the birthday person.


Joyful got to be the first recipient of this tradition.

I wasn’t sure how it would go but the kids had very thoughtful comments and encouragement to share.


I started us off and told how it blessed me to witness Joyful’s happy spirit during mundane tasks. She has this gift of singing during chores and on walks. It certainly makes the task easier when there’s cheerful music accompanying it!

Through the voice of Daddy, Sweet Cheeks expressed her thankfulness for Joyful including Sweet Cheeks in playing with all the girly toys.


Hallmark commented how he loved everything about her (which is his usual answer to most questions nowadays) but then followed on with how he liked watching all of her dancing.


The Third told how he appreciated her playing with the trucks with him.


Finally Daddy noted how it blesses him that she has a mind and gift in organization. She is great at organizing the shoe shelves and the utensil drawer in


We could have gone around the room again but the frozen yogurt had filled their bellies and it was past bedtime.

Do you have any birthday traditions that you treasure?