Second Hand Smoke or Possibility to Evangelize?


The background is three different neighbors’ fences.

We live in a neighborhood where all the houses are close together.

We really enjoy the location and even the quirky rental house.

With this house comes the ability to see into 6 different houses from our own windows.

And most of our neighbors are outside smokers too.


That’s not our house behind the Third.

Awhile back, I remember a friend ranting on social media

how one of her neighbors smokes

and so that keeps the kids and her inside.

She was very concerned with her kids’ lungs getting second hand smoke

(understandably, she is given the responsibility to care for them).


That’s our place behind Hallmark.

For some reason I felt the Holy Spirit pricking my heart over this situation.

What was irking me?


Trying new things

What is typically seen as a deterrent can be viewed in a positive manner.

Could God use our shared backyard to be a witness to the neighborhood smokers?


Joyful strongly holding the parrot named Seven.

Could this be a blessing in disguise?

What’s more critical?

Worrying about secondhand smoke or the destination of my neighbors’ eternal souls?


Visiting our local farmers’ market and listening to live music while snacking on free treats!

So I pray,

pray for wisdom to know when and how to share my faith,

pray for courage to share,

pray the neighbors see beneath all our muck that life’s all about our Savior.


With God all things are possible, especially when stretched on our tippy toes.

A totally unrelated garden update:


Dutiful son watering the tomato plants


I have to admit, I haven’t seen any growth on the tomato plants, but the weeds sure like it! And I don’t take the time to weed very much.

Looking at the Bright Side

Looking at the bright side graphic


Today the kids and I made an impromptu visit to a local beach.

The weather was beautiful with blue skies and a light breeze.

We were headed home from our local MOPS meet

when we all commented how it would be fun to play at the beach.


This mother could not deny these two a beach trip.

And because it was right around lunchtime it made sense!

No picnic, right before nap time, chores to do in the afternoon,

Sweet Cheeks without her blanket, could there ever be a better time?!

(Can you hear my sarcastic tone?)


Even rolled up pants is better than no visit to the beach!

Grabbing our stashed small box of sand toys,

dropping our shoes in the car

and racing down to the beach

was very freeing.

As I sat on the beach and watched the kids dig in the sand,

throw rocks in the water,

spotting airplanes above,

and making new friends,

I knew it!

This is what memories are made of!

This is what memories are made of!

No matter what else happened today,

it was a good day.

We ended up spending an hour and a half there

though the agreed upon visit was suppose to last a mere 30 minutes.

My kids had found some fun playmates

and even the new friends’ mom and I struck up an enjoyable conversation.


After beach humor

So I denied the chores my full attention

and said yes to all-natural vitamin D.

I gave up on the long quiet rest time

to relish the splashes and shrieks of joy

uttered from my children’s delightful mouths.

So today I looked on the bright side!


Update: Tomato plants are in the ground! Only time will tell if there’s enough sun, good soil and good natured animals who will leave it for us!

Operation Tomato Garden


What mother makes her kids look into the sun for a picture???? This one.

I am super excited about this new project!

We are going to construct an experiment and collect data for what tomato plants produce the most.


The Third with Better Boy tomato plant.

We picked up different tomato plants for each child and I have seeds already

and will compare, contrast and don’t forget, taste the fruit of our labors.


Joyful with Big Beef tomato plant.

I’m excited about this project but I don’t have high hopes as we’ll be gone for 6 weeks

and will be leaving the plants unattended.

Still the memories already are stacking up!


Hallmark with Roma Tomato Plant.


Sweet Cheeks with the Ace Tomato.

We’ll update on instagram our progress!

Look me up:Instagram


Digging and Planting, here we come!