From Our Ears & Mouths

Mama: “Who wrote the gruffalo?”
Hallmark: “CS Lewis!”

Hallmark: “Is CS Lewis our godfather?”
Hallmark: “The bumps on his face look like he has whiskers.”
Hallmark: “I’d like a Komodo dragon for a pet. I’d call him Dragon.”
Hallmark: “If my wife and I have a baby boy then we’ll all go into space.”
Hallmark: “You look beautiful Scoob!”

Scoob: “No I don’t. I’m not wearing a dress.”

Hallmark: “You don’t have to wear a dress to look beautiful.”

Daddy: “You have the best mama in the whole wide world.”

Hallmark shocked: “What?!”
Joyfull: “My nose hurts from bless-you-ing!”

Mama seeing Scoob looking through the Bible: “What are you reading in the Bible?”

Scoob: “George & Martha”

From Our Ears & Mouths


Scoob: “He’s a daddy because he doesn’t whine.”  

On a kind of cereal: “I love them! I’m an expert of them.”
“You know you always look beautiful, even in your nightgown.”
“Jabba the Hut’s mouth is disgusting.”

Mama: “It’s like oatmeal mouth.”

Hallmark: “He probably doesn’t ever eat protein!”
“Are we Israelites?”

Daddy: “No.”

Hallmark: “Are we Americanites?”
Mama: “How do you keep your toes (nails) so clean?

Hallmark: “I bite them and then pull them off!”
Hallmark wearing a sweater & pants in 97* weather…

Mama: “You must have sweated today!”

Hallmark: “I did! My teachers thought I was crying.”

Hallmark: “But it was just salt water!”

From Our Ears & Mouths



“Mama, a bug just gave me another bug bite!”

“Mama is driving us crazy walking all around this airport!”

(Touche because I usually say they are driving me crazy…in a playful way.)



“Why do you say to Little Man my brother, are you buckled?”

“I was saying holy smokes because I was falling!”

“I’m not a baby, I’m chubby cheeks!”



“Mom, guess why?! The white witch is not made in God’s image but magic!”

“Daddy, I had nightmares and I did not like them one bit!”

“The Guns of Navarone are really cannons! It should be called the Cannons of Navarone!”

“I’m so excited! I’m tickled!”

“I would like an iPhone with internet for my birthday.”

Mama: “Why?”

“So I can look at google maps.”

All the other kids are complaining “I’m hungry…”

Hallmark happily: “I’m sweaty!!!”

We were talking about our hope to adopt in the future…

Hallmark: “I want a cow!”

There was an argument about crocodiles and alligators between the oldest 2 kids,

Hallmark: “I believe in Polar Bean.”

After we prayed for no mechanical issues…

Hallmark: “I thought mechanicals were people who ate other people.”

After his nap…

“I missed you! I have the most wonderful dreams!

I dreamed I was an angel and God was my father.”

“I want to wear fancy clothes; you know my sweatpants are fancy.”

From my skewed perspective: Morocco


This country is less dirty than our home country.

I have to haggle less and there’s less hustlers.


The food is good (hello…tagine) though it can be redundant.

There’s lovely green landscape (I see lots of brown in my home country right now).


There’s a less rigid dress code so I bared my shoulders!

When driving around larger cities, there’s a lot of police check points.


Stork nests on roofs are considered good luck.

The moslem men’s garb remind me of jedis.


Mopeds are the fastest transportation….

if only we could fit our whole family on a couple of those.


Can I say again how beautiful the mountains and beaches were?