Why I’ve gotten use to missing out


 Growing up partly deaf I always missed out on conversation. I learned to read lips well.  

Now that I am in a foreign country I feel at ease not understanding others.

It’s an easy way to people watch when you don’t understand them. 

And for laughs, I’ll imagine what they are saying and can get a good chuckle out of my “handicap”.

Blessings in disguise.

Goodbyes are anti-climatic.

Since technology has allowed us to communicate in many different modes, the face to face hug and farewell isn’t the last goodbye. You’ve always got the final “see you later” text and even the facebook status goodbye. For this introvert ATCK, it’s easier to say one goodbye and be done with the whole process then linger over tech-savvy goodbyes.


Don’t get me wrong. I am very thankful for the easy and cheap texts and even the facetime chats. Still there some sort of lack of finality when you say goodbye knowing you’ll be texting them tomorrow with some sort of news or tidbit.


What do you think?