Celebrating Life 

We don’t create elaborate birthday parties or typically invite friends unless it’s a family dinner birthday party.

We celebrate life in other ways.

We celebrate life through crafting and making a welcome home banner for Daddy.

We celebrate life by saving our pennies for another adoption.

We celebrate life through buying a large lamb leg (6 kgs!) and inviting friends over to enjoy the feast.

We celebrate life through putting down our cell phones and looking each other in the eyes.

We celebrate life through devoting our evenings to reading aloud and asking specific questions about our kids’ days.


We celebrate life through sharing who is the Giver of Life.

We celebrate life through every day wonders like a new flower bloom or a cat that jumps into our yard.

We celebrate life through foot rubs and hiding from the kids and eating homemade yummy chocolate peanut butter cups.

We celebrate life differently than most but I love this life sharing, giving, living!


A Basket-Full of Encouragement


After having a baby (or really just being a mom to young kids) you can sometimes feel a little bit out of it and dirty and stinky and well less feminine.

I still can struggle with not feeling feminine or girly, so imagine a new mama who is balancing less sleep & long hours, dealing with the weight of having a new person to love and care for and trying to get back into the groove of life?


Enter a little bit of encouragement in the form of a few of her favorite things!

*This can also bless a new mama via adoption, a single mom, a just moved into town neighbor or someone who’s recently become an empty-nester.


I enlisted the help of a friend to help me gather ideas for a little pick-me-up present. (My hubs also contacted the husband to learn some of her favorite things.)

The kids and I picked up…


An aromatherapeutic candle


Dove milk chocolate (Sweet & sentimental notes inside the wrappers)


Fruity, sweet and still girly


Lara-bar for when you need a little extra something.


Berries covered chocolates…need I say more?


Target wasn’t carrying the candy she liked (info acquired via husbands), so I opted for similar gummy candy.

Another way to spruce up a girl is to pick up some classy earrings. I went with a very neutral design because I wasn’t sure what she liked.


Martha Stewart magazine…..for all those times she has extra time to read!!


Lastly picked up flowers & a seasonal drink and sped this little combo over to her house ASAP.

I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling super happy and was very self-focused that day. But once I opted to surprise a friend, it blessed me in turn to use my energy for someone else!

How do you like to cheer others?

I feel like the Absent-Minded Professor

I have brilliant ideas…just I’m typically 2 steps behind and late.


I may have some creative juices in me but they are pushed behind the daily to-do’s and maintaining schedules.


Pinterest can sometimes push me into guilt but also it can provide examples and countless ideas.


I would love to bring more creative fun into our family but at what cost? More stress? More expense? Less sleep?


In a couple months I’ll have some breathing room before the big move.


So channeling my Absent-Minded Professor side, I embrace repentance, a slower-thinking mind, more cuddles and grace for the now.

Homemade Butter in a Jiffy

Our family is reading through the Little House on the Prairie series. It’s been fun to read the descriptions of how they made various foods (like butchering meat, maple desserts & churned butter of course).


When I noticed a friend pinning how to make homemade butter, I knew the kids and I would have to try it!


I used this link as a resource to whip up butter. (Pun intended)

The kids loved watching and it went very quickly and smoothly.


I didn’t salt it but probably would next time.


I used our Bosch mixer and it turned out fabulous!

I was also amazed at how yellow it was after pouring out the buttermilk.

Have you ever made butter?

Do you ever wish you could be on Little House on the Prairie farm for a couple days?

Ok, maybe that’s just me.

DIY Silly Family Reusable Coloring Book

Our local MOPS crafty lady showed us how to make this amusing reusable coloring book.

<img src="https://asmallthinginyoureyes.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/20140505-075904.jpg" alt="20140505-075904.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" //a>


Above is a picture of our former Great Dane Buckingham. Feel free to add silly pictures or beloved pets into the book. Kids love it!

This is an easy craft!

Just print off family pictures and insert into a folder that has clear pages.


I wanted the book to have memorable pictures like siblings and parents.

You can glue a little elastic into the inside pocket and stick a whiteboard marker in it.



With fun pictures you can draw ridiculous mustaches & top hats!


Decorate the outside too if you like!

Have you tried this before? Let me know!