Getting the Itch

*Day 22 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids
**All stories are true.

Lately there’s been a bit of disgruntlement (yes that’s a real word). Just a stirring or unrest in our family life. 

 We haven’t been on a trip in over 2 months and it’s strange. I think after taking a trip every month for many months in a row your body adjusts and then you get the itch.

You get the itch to travel and though you spend time discovering new local spots, you miss the wide wild adventure of a new country.

Man it will be an adjustment to move back to the States next year!

Fighting Parasites Naturally

*Day 20 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.

This isn’t anything earth shattering but

I wanted to jot down a few tips

for combating the nasty intestinal parasites

that pervades many countries like ours.

I have found the Bulk Herb Store

to be a great resource for information and quality ingredients.

I also like Mountain Rose Herbs.


My husband, Optimist, has been besieged with parasites on numerous occasions.

The typical treatment here is antibiotics.

From what I have read

antibiotics don’t really treat adequately

or aid in rebuilding the immune system against further attacks.

What has worked for us is taking cayenne & garlic capsules,

cooking with extra garlic, ginger and of course cayenne.

On top of that we’ve found that black walnut hull with raw honey in hot water

tastes good and helps to cleanse the body of the little nasty guys.

Hallmark loves it and has called it his coffee tea!

If you want an incredibly bitter but powerful tea,

combine wormwood (see Proverbs 5:4),

freshly ground cloves

& black walnut hull for a tea that will remind your mouth what bitter is

and will also rid your body of the parasites ASAP!

I was experiencing a lot of parasite symptoms for a day or two

and as soon as I took the trio tea within an hour I was feeling so much better.

When we travel, we pack extra cayenne and garlic pills

which we’ll take after we’ve eaten at a less than clean restaurant.

This practice has done wonders in keeping my husband parasite free!

There’s lots of scientific research on all this but I’m not one to post all of that.

Do your own research!

Different Accomodations

*Day 17 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.

With our larger size family and the desire to continue to save money

in the hopes of adopting again,

we look for safe and clean living quarters in any country we visit.


One website we like to check out is

We’ve used it in Israel & Spain and love it when it works out!

We get more space for sometimes less money than a hotel!


We’ve stayed in a few swanky hotels sometimes to offset our grungier stays or for safety reasons.


We’ve camped in the desert in Jordan.

But I have to admit, this is the nicest camping I’ve ever done!


And we’ve stayed in a few not so great spots, like this one,

where the shower had missing tile that went into the airducts.

And the previous hotel a bathroom wall fell on me,

it wasn’t our favorite stay and I assume that’s why I didn’t take a picture!


We spent the night in a cave hotel in Turkey which was lovely!


We’ve made memories of 2 nights in a riyad in Morocco

which reminded me of a hostel type setting.  IMG_6515


Friends have kindly offered for us to stay with them as well

which has helped in our kids having playmates & more toys!

I have enjoyed staying in all these locations for various reasons,

but always my bed at home is my favorite spot!

Experiencing Culture

*Day 16 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.

Living in a predominant Moslem culture

gives us the added benefit of living life alongside and learning from Moslems.

IMG_4492We were invited to break the fast during Ramadan with a friend’s family.


After the call from the Mosque, one immediately eats a date and drinks water.

And those who smoke, light up!

The feast was delicious!

During our camping trip in Wadi Rum,

we tried a hookah.



Please be aware, we learned later of the not so healthy aspects of hookah smoking.

And ignore the kids’ facial expressions, they were super tired and the flash was bright for them!


Drinking mint tea

(or another hot beverage)

after meals is an almost given practice in the Middle East.

I love their mint tea!


We did the touristy and culturally accepted practice of getting henna in Morocco.

Typically it’s just the girls who get adorned but the boys got their names written in Arabic.


Witnessing the Wailing Wall in Israel was powerful and moving.

We are so thankful to have viewed it.


The girls pray on one side and the men on the other.


Do you notice the culture where you live?

When I am Stateside, I notice it less because it seems normal to me.

But even in different regions of the US is there cultural norms.

When we move back, I hope to take note of it more!

How to handle the Waiting Game

*Day 15 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.


This is a bit of a continuation from yesterday’s post,

but most trips involve a day of waiting while the Hubs has business meetings.


When we are tired of swimming,

a little poolside audiobook has been a nice distraction!


Of course for your littlest ones, just request a bucket of ice

and the toddlers are in a world of intrigue and melted goodness.


Look for creatures and beauty.


In Turkey, we were fortunate to be in a safe enough neighborhood where

the kids and I walked to a large park and enjoyed burning some energy complete with Burger King!


We live in a country with little grass. So all the greens in Egypt astounded us

and with this plush landscape, the kids found it a great place to hide and seek.


Explore the hotel and make friends with the staff!


And when our stomachs are ready for dinner,

but the restaurant isn’t open yet,

read a book aloud!

What do you do to help pass time well?