“Are we going to church??” My littlest always asks me when we get our shoes on here.

She clearly misses it. I was thinking back on what my not even 3 year old is missing. Is it her Sunday School teacher? Is it the toys? Is it having the routine?

And you know what it is?
It’s the community.

The hardest part about moving away is the leaving of a good community.

They are your supporters, accountability partners, comic relief; they shoulder the weight with you.

And now here begins the building of a new community in our new home country.

And it can be hard but it can be so beautiful to see a glimmer of hope when you felt such a tiredness of being “alone”.

And we have experienced His hand on us this week and the Good Shepherd leads his flock.

Fighting the Entitlement Worldview

When I spend time with others different from me, it grounds me. Our family has spent 1 hour of most Saturday mornings this past year with the homeless. We committed to giving up 1 hour of our Saturday morning ritual of laziness to 1 hour of intentional fellowship with others who are different from us.


And though Satan tried to thwart our Saturday morning visits, we were able to maintain that tradition most regularly. This commitment wasn’t exceptional but it did radically change our family’s outlook on life.


Our kids started asking why questions. Why couldn’t we have a homeless friend live at our house? Why did they live in a van? Why are we throwing a baby shower for a homeless couple? Why do we have a house? Why do we have 2 cars?


And it grew to how questions. How can we help? How can we serve others? How can we show others Jesus?


And hopefully it’ll continue to flourish into asking God to use us. Use our gifts. Use our talents. Use the material possessions you have given us.


But for now with all the rush of packing, organizing, moving and planning we have had to end our tradition. And with that comes my selfishness. What I “need”. When I “need” it. My husband likes to describe the entitlement worldview as “I breathe, therefore I deserve.”

And so I am attempting to fight the entitlement view.


Chasing the Light

I know the Word is powerful, a double-edged sword and my faith in Him is the shield to fend off the fiery darts of the devil. But somehow I don’t dig into the Bible as I should. We’re about to move overseas. My body reacts negatively to a lot of pressure and stress (strange huh?!) and I lose sight of Him. I focus on my to-do list and pause my relationship with Jesus which compounds every situation in life!


But He grabbed me in my quiet time, as I read John 1:4 “In him was life, and the life was the light of men.”

Jesus was at the beginning with God as God breathed in life into human.

Genesis 2:7 “[T]hen the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.”


And what is that life? What is the life that we are striving towards? Jesus’ life. His example. He had fullness of life.

Who is the light? Jesus. And the Hope and already realized resurrection.

Who has the light? All of us. We are made in God’s image and God has breathed life in us.


So I am chasing light. I need that reminder of light. The light is in all of us. Even the grumpy receptionist at the doctor. And the packers and the movers. And the nosy neighbors. And the rude Facebook status commenter. I hope to get beyond my narrow-minded outlook. Get over the “wasted” hour explaining to my toddler where she should go potty. Or the realize all my clothes have stains. Or that my house will never be clean ever again.


Chasing light will remind me to find the blessings in life. So I am going to start finding light and blessings in every day life. Sometimes there will be pretty sunsets and maybe it will be the empty laundry baskets. Or maybe it will be a good laugh over spilled dinner.

Will you chase light with me?


Finding Ways to Be Thankful when it’s Inconvenient

I love being in a place of thankfulness! I love feeling like time is at a standstill and I can enjoy each breath and second.

But let’s face it, I haven’t done that in awhile. I just feel a bit overwhelmed. My mind is crammed with all that needs to get done, remembered or packed.


After holy yoga this morning, I prayed asking God to help me find ways to be thankful. What blessings could I spot in my day? How could I adjust my thinking to center on His grace and provisions?


I always like my quiet mornings. I love getting up early and having time to breath (literally & figuratively). And most mornings, I hear the always too early (at least for me) calls, cries and shrieks of the kids getting up. It’s inevitable. I’ll creep up the stairs and tiptoe in my room only to hear their stirrings. But today was different instead of the kids waking themselves, I accidentally slammed the bathroom door.

I had to flip to something positive about the scenario. I opted to be thankful that it hadn’t happened sooner. I was also thankful that I am not fully deaf so I can actually hear my children when they wake.


Have you ever worked out and was interrupted? I know that feeling! So what’s a good flip side? I remind myself that His grace is sufficient and clearly God directed my steps to another work (like changing diapers or making breakfast).


I was cleaning a glass cup and noticed it was broken. Blessing? One less thing to pack.


I know it’s nothing profound but have you tried the exercise? I think it will be really helpful when we move overseas! It will be an interesting game to play when we are stranded in an international airport, have lost our bags and haven’t slept in 29 hours.


His grace is sufficient for you!

Summer is over

Work. Prayer. As with all of life, it is a rhythm: tension, release; tension, release. Work, discipline, obedience; pull the bow string taut, and then let go. But it must be done daily.

-Madeleine L’Engle


We’ve visited Hawaii & family in the East which equals 4 plane trips. We have enjoyed Daddy’s week off, 2 separate family visits and swim
camp. And now summer is fading.


I am finishing up a few reads before I begin hitting the books designated for my 9 week yoga course.

And the quote above, draws a mental image on what these next few months hold.


I am eager to begin these new adventures. Homeschooling at least 2 kids, taking a 15 hour per week yoga certification course, volunteering at a women’s shelter, learning a foreign language, planning and packing up for the future travels, saying goodbye to friends here and maintaining some sanity in the midst.

It’s a given. I’ll make some mistakes.


And as God created my body to work 6 days and rest 1 day, so I long and relish the ebb & flow of work.


In the past few months, I have clearly noticed my reliance and time spent with God directly affects my outlook and passion for my duties.


And so I pray for discipline in my devotion to Christ, to steadfastness during life’s trials, to living out the only Hope and laughing during this period of time.