Our Househelper

*Day 29 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.

I haven’t really mentioned much about our househelper, B.

She has really lightened the load of housework here

by coming 3 days a week to

do laundry, dishes, clean the house,

wash bedding, wash produce,

sometimes prep or cook dinner

and keeping an eye on the house when we are out of town.

In the States, it’s typically only the wealthy who can afford nannies or house cleaners.

Here B does it all.

She will watch the kids any time

and has been responsible in fixing a water outage when we were away.

Yes I can do most of the things she does

(not as well),

but here it is expected for your family to financially support those in need.

B works hard and is paid for her efforts.

It allows me to branch out and spend more time


teaching yoga classes &

enjoying  culture and friends.


5 Ways to Save for Adoption

If you have ever looked into adoption,

whether domestic or international,

you will realize it’s more than just a kid needing a home.

It’s a business.


Sisters for life!

And with this business

comes expenses..

sometimes, lots of them!


Every kid wants to be free to enjoy the park!

It’s dreadful to try to reduce adoption to a business

but instead of the church and the unpaid compassionate

striving to find a home for any kid that needs it,

there are professions whose sole job is to facilitate adoptions.

So here are 5 ways you can save for adoption!

1. Utilize free tools to save extra money


Checkout 51


Retail Me Not

Ebates is available on your computer but also has an app as well as Retail Me Not.

Checkout 51 and Ibotta work with your smart phone and have an app to be downloaded for free.

Also if you shop at Target and have a smart phone, check out Target’s regular app and look at the coupon section.

Also download the Target cartwheel app which has additional coupons or discounts.

They are all user friendly and as long as you stick with what you intended to buy, it’ll save you money!


By supporting adoption-friendly businesses, you are choosing to spend your money on more than just a pretty thing.

2. Throw a party where you get to use the proceeds for your adoption

One of the main adoption supporters in America that I know of is Noonday Collections

If you have a favorite Etsy shop or a local business, ask them if they would sponsor a sale for your adoption.

And then share the good news with your friends and advertise via Instagram and all other media sources.


Need I remind you of the excess our house holds, don’t tell me your house is perfectly kept????

3. Clean out your house and throw a yard sale.

See if others want to clean out their house.

Offer to pick up their unneeded treasures

and use it in your sale.

Visiting the library is a source of entertainment in lieu of more expensive options.

Visiting the library is a source of entertainment in lieu of more expensive options.

4. Check out your budget and

look for areas to tighten your belt.

We opted to share a car for the first 4 years of our marriage

which saved us car insurance, upkeep and

allowed us to spend more time together…

even if it wasn’t always convenient!


Homemade tapioca is a special treat and very versatile, served cold or warm. It’s easy to incorporate various flavors like chocolate, vanilla bean, coconut and extra toppings are an inexpensive way to dazzle.

5. Sell dinners.

You read that right!

Send out order forms within your church, school or community

and sell a home-cooked meal.

Choose a theme (Mexican, Italian, Vegetarian, etc)

and let everyone know that it’s a fundraiser for your upcoming adoption.

These are just 5 specific ways you can start saving,

please share other ways below in the comments!

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