An Unexpected ER Visit

*Day 25 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.IMG_9240

I got a call from the Arabic preschool explaining Hallmark fell off the slide and his arm was hurt.

It was my first experience with the ER and I was thankful for the great care we received!

This country is known for it’s medical tourism

and most doctors are trained in Western countries

such as Canada, America & France.

The parking was hardest and the hospital was in a congested area.

Thankfully there was valet parking for those going to the ER

which made me have a sigh of relief.


Many of the staff spoke English which was quite helpful as my Arabic is nearly zilch.

They were friendly and timely.

They consulted with a pediatric orthopedic without delaying or our asking.

And the x-rays and total visit cost less than $50!!

IMG_9236We entertained ourselves with selfie pictures,

granola bars & water (I keep a stash in the van),

texting out messages to family

and playing jelly splash on my phone.

Daddy came to the rescue and helped us get home.

Have you had to get urgent medical care in a foreign country?

What was your experience?

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