Seen on the Streets

*Day 21 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.

I didn’t snap a picture but did want to give you a slice of real life here.

I was driving home from dropping kids off at school when I was waiting at a traffic light.

A car in the next lane was honking incessantly to the truck in front of him which was the first in its lane.

Suddenly a man jumps from the honking car and talks to the newspaper street salesman who wanders the traffic lanes

and calls out to the truck driver.

I don’t know what he said, but the newspaper salesman quickly stopped the opposite traffic and the truck moved out into the intersection.

Then the car behind the truck zoomed off with another car trailing it.

I assume it was some emergency but that sort of collaboration and honking is so normal here.

While these folks may not drive in straight lanes nor do they attend to traffic laws,

they are willing to help a stranger out.

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