Fighting Parasites Naturally

*Day 20 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.

This isn’t anything earth shattering but

I wanted to jot down a few tips

for combating the nasty intestinal parasites

that pervades many countries like ours.

I have found the Bulk Herb Store

to be a great resource for information and quality ingredients.

I also like Mountain Rose Herbs.


My husband, Optimist, has been besieged with parasites on numerous occasions.

The typical treatment here is antibiotics.

From what I have read

antibiotics don’t really treat adequately

or aid in rebuilding the immune system against further attacks.

What has worked for us is taking cayenne & garlic capsules,

cooking with extra garlic, ginger and of course cayenne.

On top of that we’ve found that black walnut hull with raw honey in hot water

tastes good and helps to cleanse the body of the little nasty guys.

Hallmark loves it and has called it his coffee tea!

If you want an incredibly bitter but powerful tea,

combine wormwood (see Proverbs 5:4),

freshly ground cloves

& black walnut hull for a tea that will remind your mouth what bitter is

and will also rid your body of the parasites ASAP!

I was experiencing a lot of parasite symptoms for a day or two

and as soon as I took the trio tea within an hour I was feeling so much better.

When we travel, we pack extra cayenne and garlic pills

which we’ll take after we’ve eaten at a less than clean restaurant.

This practice has done wonders in keeping my husband parasite free!

There’s lots of scientific research on all this but I’m not one to post all of that.

Do your own research!

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