Different Accomodations

*Day 17 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.

With our larger size family and the desire to continue to save money

in the hopes of adopting again,

we look for safe and clean living quarters in any country we visit.


One website we like to check out is Airbnb.com.

We’ve used it in Israel & Spain and love it when it works out!

We get more space for sometimes less money than a hotel!


We’ve stayed in a few swanky hotels sometimes to offset our grungier stays or for safety reasons.


We’ve camped in the desert in Jordan.

But I have to admit, this is the nicest camping I’ve ever done!


And we’ve stayed in a few not so great spots, like this one,

where the shower had missing tile that went into the airducts.

And the previous hotel a bathroom wall fell on me,

it wasn’t our favorite stay and I assume that’s why I didn’t take a picture!


We spent the night in a cave hotel in Turkey which was lovely!


We’ve made memories of 2 nights in a riyad in Morocco

which reminded me of a hostel type setting.  IMG_6515


Friends have kindly offered for us to stay with them as well

which has helped in our kids having playmates & more toys!

I have enjoyed staying in all these locations for various reasons,

but always my bed at home is my favorite spot!

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