How to handle the Waiting Game

*Day 15 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.


This is a bit of a continuation from yesterday’s post,

but most trips involve a day of waiting while the Hubs has business meetings.


When we are tired of swimming,

a little poolside audiobook has been a nice distraction!


Of course for your littlest ones, just request a bucket of ice

and the toddlers are in a world of intrigue and melted goodness.


Look for creatures and beauty.


In Turkey, we were fortunate to be in a safe enough neighborhood where

the kids and I walked to a large park and enjoyed burning some energy complete with Burger King!


We live in a country with little grass. So all the greens in Egypt astounded us

and with this plush landscape, the kids found it a great place to hide and seek.


Explore the hotel and make friends with the staff!


And when our stomachs are ready for dinner,

but the restaurant isn’t open yet,

read a book aloud!

What do you do to help pass time well?

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