Transportation During Our Travels

*Day 12 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.


It’s been fun to look back and remember

the ways we’ve traveled since flying over here.

IMG_7021Ferry boat in Turkey, Morocco & Spain


Plane to France, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey

IMG_7876Camel in Jordan in Wadi Rum

IMG_9359Donkey in Israel

IMG_1748Jeep in Jordan in Wadi Rum

IMG_6130Car in Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Morocco & Spain

IMG_3182Personal Driver in Egypt

(We all took advantage of the AC and some of us napped…)

IMG_8539Railway in Turkey

IMG_5590Bus in France…

and well waiting for the bus.

IMG_9966Backpack carriers for the littlest two

IMG_0319Hiking in Israel, Jordan, Morocco & Turkey

IMG_7752Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

IMG_1778Sandboarding in Jordan

IMG_9499On our own two feet

Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, France & Spain

2 thoughts on “Transportation During Our Travels

  1. I am AMAZED at all of these different experiences you’ve had with your kids. You’ve given them an amazing set of life experiences at such a young age. Do you ever feel afraid without car seats and that sort of thing? (I’m sure you get asked this a ton, and I’m curious!) I was in Sri Lanka alone with the boys, so did the three wheeler thing and of course lots of insane driving in cars with no car seats, and it was ok for me.. but I am always curious about people who manage to adopt it as more of a lifestyle and not a one-of holiday thing.

    • It is an incredible experience! While I definitely advocate safety and have the kids be in appropriate seat belts and car seats in our van, when we travel it’s a different story. When possible we take car seats but there are times when it’s just not worth it. God knows every hair on my head and I trust Him to care for us until He is ready to take us home. So I have peace about the times when car seats just aren’t possible.

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