Extending Grace

*Day 11 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.


As much as we enjoy traveling,

most of the family are introverts and need space and alone time.

Given that we typically stay in a standard size room

designed for 4 with our extra 2 persons,

there are moments when we are just worn out and done.

A few ways we’ve combated this innate need are below.


First and foremost, extend grace.

My husband displays grace to me daily

and one way he provides for me is giving me extra time

where I can practice yoga on my own.


Here I am practicing yoga on the patio of our hotel room in Morocco.

IMG_6511If the kids are tired of walking in hot temperatures

and being kissed and held and photographed,

we’ll order pizzas 3 nights in a row.

Been there, done that.

IMG_6199Though my relations may disagree, ice cream isn’t a necessity.

Nor is it healthy but we do give special treats more often when

our morale is lagging.

IMG_8539We had been sick and traveling for almost 2 weeks

and in Istanbul there is a street trolley or railway.

Though we had no destination in mind,

we took it and allowed the kids to just sit and look out the windows.

IMG_2878_2Sometimes mom and dad are also tired and ready for a break.

This is where the iPad & hotel TV comes in handy.

We’ll extend grace to ourselves and allow the kids

an extra treat of movie watching or game playing.

How do you extend grace when you feel all stretched and worn out?

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