Alternatives to Libraries Overseas

*Day 8 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.

We’re a family who reads and reading good books is very important to us.

Though reading actual books is most desired,

for this year, we’ve found for our travels and lifestyle

to use ebooks as a major source for reading consumption.


Living overseas in a non-English speaking country combined with our frequent travels

has made it quite difficult to affordably read new to us and good books

without becoming pack rats or spending millions.

Through some research I have found a few resources

that have helped immensely in providing us options.

  1. Check to see if your library in the States

has a membership to Overdrive.

2. Check out

We’ve found some great classic audiobooks for free here!

3. Scribd

It’s like netflix for ebooks & audiobooks.

You get a trial run and if you use my link above,

you get 2 months free and I get 1 month free (woo-hoo).

The only bummer is new regulations impose only 1 audiobook per month

except there are some classic audiobooks that are free

like Dr. Seuss and such.

Still I am slowly knocking out books on my never-ending book list

and it’s making me happy.

4. Kindle lending

This idea is best through friends and family.

From what I’ve read you can lend a kindle book

to someone else once and then you aren’t able to again.

It’s not optimal but it’s free and allows me to read some

books I want without having to purchase them.

5. A friend mentioned to me her State-side mother sends her library books.

It typically takes about 10 days to receive it here and the books can be borrowed for a month

along with a renewal option for an additional month.

She finds this is best for her young boys.

I haven’t tried it and won’t this time around, but it is worth mentioning.

Any other resources I can learn?


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