Traveling Woes & Throes

*Day 7 of  31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.

It can be hard to always see the bright side and I definitely do not. I am a pessimist at heart

though my optimistic husband likes to fight it quite often.

While traveling I have found some ways to be thankful when it’s easy to find the disappointing.


Look for the good and be grateful.

(Even if it’s a bad time to sleep, at least Scoob is quiet and cuddling with her favorite blanket)


Focus on the plentiful, the helpful, the beautiful, the full life.

In the above picture my kids are freezing and we all just want to crawl into a warm bed,

but we have thrown rocks into the Aegean Sea and climbed over old ramparts.



Say little thanksgivings to the Lord.

In Turkey, our kids were eager to finish dinner in order to receive their complimentary apple tea and baklava.


Disregard the hard, the ugly, the uncomfortable.

 Two of our kids had motion sickness and vomited in the car at the same time.

Not fun. But we pushed through.


At the end of another trip, it’s not the bad that we remember.

But the laughs,


the memories of climbing further,

eating new foods,

sleeping so well,

   and being together as a family.


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