What’s Commonplace Here, isn’t so much in the States

*Day 5 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

*All stories are true.

While I have settled into “normal” life here,

I also realize there are some oddities as well.


-Driving on highways with open bed trucks and animals inside is very normal here.

-Creating your own driving lane in any sort of traffic or road is typical and almost expected.

-Walking into most shopping centers and grocery stores means walking through metal detectors.


-Climbing on old ruins isn’t shunned.

-Car horns honking for a multitude of reasons, angry or happy or not.


-Most “parks” have broken playground equipment and usually broken glass everywhere,

even in the nicer parts of town.

-You must deal with the month of Ramadan,

where you are not being allowed to eat, drink or chew gum in public or in your car.


-Most hotels aren’t worried about fire codes or how many is in our family.

We’ve had a room with 1 King size bed only

and we’ve stayed at a hotel with just 2 single beds & 1 double before.

Square footage is usually quite tight and adjoining rooms are unheard of.

-Raw eggs are sold in carts on the streets in 100* weather.


-Stray cats are commonplace even in restaurants.

(Please note my husband trying to ward off a cat from consuming our dinner.)

-5 times a day hearing the Moslem’s Call to Prayer blast through the air from local mosques.


-It’s very normal to have child beggars approach you when you get out of the car.

-Your kids get kissed, held and photographed all day long.

(We’re thankful we aren’t famous!)

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