Creating Normalcy & A Home-like Environment

*Day 4 of 31 days of Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true.

We live in a home that we did not choose with furniture that isn’t ours and with more space than we really want. (6 bathrooms….1 for each of us!) And while we love traveling and chose to move overseas for a year, we also want our kids to feel comfortable and at home despite having everything change and be new. There are a few tried and true ways my kids feel this new house is our home.

I make homemade kombucha. I made it in the States and I make it here. IMG_8957


We try to make homemade pizzas every couple of weeks. We use to grill our pizzas in the States but here we don’t have a grill so I just stick them in the oven. It’s a feel-good, creative way for the kids to choose their toppings and delight in simple pleasures.

When possible, we have a family movie night with popcorn on the weekends. It provides an opportunity for the kids to share anything that may be on their hearts in a non-threatening atmosphere.


Reading and reading aloud is very important to us. The older kids read their personal books and we also have several readaloud books that my husband and I read to the kids. Before bedtime, my youngest loves to have me read her a story and then we let her “read” books on her own before she drifts to sleep.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we are a DIY family. This comes in the form of from scratch cooking to haircuts in the kitchen. The hubs is typically the barber but I’ll cut his when it gets too long. IMG_8593


While these may seem like simple, too easy gestures, for our kids, it’s really the simple things in life that make the biggest impact.

2 thoughts on “Creating Normalcy & A Home-like Environment

  1. Yes I completely agree. My kids love it when I make pancakes now (it was our Saturday morning tradition in Sweden) and other things like that. It’s those little things I think that reminds them of “home.”

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