Perks to Living Overseas with Kids

*Day 2 of 31 days Traveling & Living Overseas with Kids

**All stories are true



Traveling & adjusting to living overseas with young kids can seem hard

and it is

but there are some perks!


You are pushed out of your comfort zone daily.

Yes, I see living outside your comfort zone to be a positive not a negative.

Not always is it fun, but the confidence and the trust you gain from it is worth the stressors.

Whether it’s figuring out how to turn left on a road that never has a break in the median,

or you have to hand the cashier all your coins so they can find which coins are needed,

you will be stretched and reminded of how insufficient you are.

Or what about wanting to communicate to your kids’ teachers but you can’t speak more than a few sentences in Arabic?

Lots of hand gestures and smiles go a long way!

(And of course sending in baked goods.)

Β  IMG_5590

You are forced to learn new recipes and routines…

…wilted lettuce means a new radish salad with soy sauce dressing (one of our new favorites!),

…vegetarian tacos with sauteed halloumi cheese (a type of cheese I’ve never encountered),

…Picking up packages involves walking about 5-10 minutes, hoping the post office is open and willing to hand over mail

(don’t get me started on mailing packages, I try to avoid it.)

…Wholesome snacks aren’t as readily available so I come up with my own including muffins,

homemade popped corn & hummus & veggie sticks.



Your kids see you struggle and mess up,

they witness how you laugh about it

(or get frustrated over it-been there, done that),

they celebrate the successes

and help you throw away the stinky sour yogurt you accidentally bought.

8 thoughts on “Perks to Living Overseas with Kids

  1. When we first moved, us kids were between the ages of 13 and 2–watching my parents learn a totally new way of life with the grace that they showed certainly taught me courage to experience the unknown in my own adult life, and I appreciate that. And yep, overseas life definitely means getting creative with food!

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