From Our Ears & Mouths


Scoob: “He’s a daddy because he doesn’t whine.”  

On a kind of cereal: “I love them! I’m an expert of them.”
“You know you always look beautiful, even in your nightgown.”
“Jabba the Hut’s mouth is disgusting.”

Mama: “It’s like oatmeal mouth.”

Hallmark: “He probably doesn’t ever eat protein!”
“Are we Israelites?”

Daddy: “No.”

Hallmark: “Are we Americanites?”
Mama: “How do you keep your toes (nails) so clean?

Hallmark: “I bite them and then pull them off!”
Hallmark wearing a sweater & pants in 97* weather…

Mama: “You must have sweated today!”

Hallmark: “I did! My teachers thought I was crying.”

Hallmark: “But it was just salt water!”

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