From Our Ears & Mouths


“Obi one kanobi.”

“Dark sideous and his eyes were hideous.”

“Dark vader; Dark mall”

“Can it be a girl if it has a mustache?!?”

“Poomba & Timon are comrades.”

Hallmark: “You know I never sleep very much every night.”

Me: “why?”

Hallmark: “Satan jumps on me in bed.”

Me: “what do you do?”

Hallmark: “I throw him out the window.”


“That’s amazing! I don’t even know what it means!”

“My back tells me no rest time!”

“She use to be a honey bee and now she’s sunshine!”

“This is another best day of my life!”


Polar bean: “I guess I have a webbed nose because water can’t get in it.”


“When I 3, I do lots of big stuff!”

After going to the bathroom: “That was awesome!”


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