From Our Ears & Mouths

“Don’t get dressed on the toilet.”

“Stop licking the grease off the pizza.”



“I don’t know how to fall asleep so I just talk.”

Polar Bean:

“I zapped it before you could say Bob’s your uncle!”

“Was 1997 before World War I or II?”


“This is a spooky day bc we’re going to see a mummy!”

“is lucifer an evil scheme?”

Parent: “your hat has seen better days.” Hallmark: “Thank you!”

About a bug: “I wanted to kill it because I thought it may be one of the venemous kinds.”

“When I was coming down the birth canoe….”

“The bad guys are bad news of course.”

“It feels like a big lady is jumping on my head.” (headache.)

“I tasted it and it tasted like I was dead!”



 “Little Man’s not broccoli!!”

“I love you chubby cheeks!” 

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