Turkey II

After Cappadocia we went to Ankara. It wasn’t our favorite spot but did have some kid friendly sites like a park within walking distance from our hotel. 

Caesar Augustius’ coins below. The museums in the city were pretty educational as well.


This is a local tea spot. Most Men just sip and chat all day long. Sometimes he sidewalks were so covered with them that we had to walk on the streets just to bypass them and their smoke.



Castle on a hill.    

At the big park there were restaurants along the side with playgrounds for the kids. It was actually quite lovely and serene. 


Last stop Istanbul.


The emperor’s doorway into Hagia Sophia.

The former mosque and church have intricate designs even though it’s clearly rundown.


The underground cistern was quite fun for the kids and heart skipping for me. There were fish swimming in shallow waters with nary a strong or well spaced railing for the kids. 


The spice market was fun to be able to walk through but…    

The walk out was claustrophobia inducing. Seriousl, like grab your kids and ensure they are breathing and hightail it out.


The Blue mosque was pretty as well.


It was my first time to enter a mosque and yes I had to have my head covered.


Next was the palace. Lest you feel like our mason jars are too adorned, see above for the more glammed kind.


Granted we were hitting a low, the palace wasn’t that great. We saw jewels and some of the kitchen and random little rooms but nothing like I was hoping for. Standing for hours to see a tiny room was just hard to handle and not sure it was worth corralling the kids. 

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