Butchers Bringing in Fresh Meat

Butchers Bringing in Fresh Meat

Today I left the house one and a half hours before I needed to get the kids from school even though if there were no issues it would likely take me 30 minutes, but I am not sure that’s ever happened here for me. Every day life can be unpredictable here.

How much traffic will I encounter?

Will there be parking available?

How crowded will the grocery store be?

If crowded, how long will I have to wait to get my produce weighed?

Will there be a cashier who will check out my food?

Will the card reader work so I can pay with my credit card? Or will I need to look for an ATM?

Will I be able to push my paid for groceries to the car or will I need to pull up with my van?

I may need to tip if someone helps load my groceries.

The above are instances I have encountered before, all of them. And they have taken significant chunks of time. So here’s to unpredictability and doing the best with what you got!

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