The Joys of Feeling Comfortable

In this type of overseas location, it may take me weeks or longer to discover a parking garage attached to the grocery store because to go that extra block or turn is way more than I can handle. 

Yes, what seems like it would be better and more convenient in the long run to take the initial time and energy to discover the parking garage in actuality just causes overwhelming feelings for me. 

We’ve been here for almost 2 months and I am just now able to drive without having to deep breathe in order to lower my blood pressure. Seriously. I have now gotten comfortable with the unending honks and I can tell it’s a weekend or the day for going to the mosques because of the lack of honking from my kitchen window (and we’re in a quiet part of the city).

Let’s go back to the grocery store. There are new mercies that you start noticing when the new stimuli have finally lessened. At a busy time of day I find an easy parking spot near the door and I don’t have to fight my way to parallel park on a busy road!

And when I find it, I may start belting out worship songs for the unlikely ease of parking that day! I sing a mean “hallelu, halleulujah!”

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