“Are we going to church??” My littlest always asks me when we get our shoes on here.

She clearly misses it. I was thinking back on what my not even 3 year old is missing. Is it her Sunday School teacher? Is it the toys? Is it having the routine?

And you know what it is?
It’s the community.

The hardest part about moving away is the leaving of a good community.

They are your supporters, accountability partners, comic relief; they shoulder the weight with you.

And now here begins the building of a new community in our new home country.

And it can be hard but it can be so beautiful to see a glimmer of hope when you felt such a tiredness of being “alone”.

And we have experienced His hand on us this week and the Good Shepherd leads his flock.

One thought on “Community

  1. It IS tough! Community is something I’ve been longing for since moving… and I know we’ll have it again in God’s perfect timing, but it is tough to go through pieces of life without feeling it. Hope you guys will feel it very soon!

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