36 Hours After Leaving Our Home Country

We arrived in our new home country in the middle of a snow and lightning storm. Yes, you read that right, SNOW & LIGHTNING! Throughout our drive to our temporary house it snowed steadily and lightninged periodically.

The scheduled flights became more confusing as we weren’t able to reach our first international connecting flight. The airlines was very kind and provided transportation to and from a prepaid hotel, meals that covered over-abundantly our needs, helpful staff who kept the 20 suitcases for us at the airport and gave us hope of restful sleep.

Our hotel was an uneventful stay despite the sulfur/sewage smell in the shower and our kids flipping over flimsy chairs in the nice hotel restaurant. We didn’t have access to our suitcases so we had to rely on our carry-ons to provide any necessities. It left 5 diapers, one set of clean clothes per person (minus extra socks and underwear) and mercifully our winter jackets. We worked with what we had and pulled our underwear inside out and wore them again.

The next morning we got to the international airport smelling of vomit & body odor. Our youngest caught a bug and systematically vomited every 20 minutes for about 8 hours straight.

Evening time of our third travel day, we landed in our new home country. We had hairy teeth in great need of a good brushing & flossing and smelled stinky, still it was good to be here! Holding our groggy youngest who clutched her vomit-catching blanket, we walked through customs without too much complication.

After meeting our new friends, we were driven to our temporary house with a kitchen that had been stocked with enough food to feed us for days! I was very thankful to see one of the kids’ favorite dishes ready to be heated. It seemed to me the kids had only consumed chocolate and bread in the last few days. The mac and cheese and fresh sliced vegetables were just what this bunch needed to feel at home and ready for bed. Fed, clean and with freshly washed blankets, the kids were tucked into bed and fell asleep quickly.

Overall the trip was smooth and without major hiccups. I found a few of the kids and myself dancing in a public family bathroom to some foreign song. I guess it was an easy way to relieve any stress and extra wiggles.

Typically we awaken in the middle of the night for a few hours and finally settle back down for a longer sleeping stint. We have to set alarm clocks or we’ll sleep until nearly lunchtime.

Through any confusing situations, God has placed on our hearts worship songs and reminded us of His comforting promises. We find ourselves laughing at the silliest moments and maybe that’s how God will bless as as we overcome jetlag.

How do you handle international traveling?

*As soon as possible, I’ll begin adding pictures.

2 thoughts on “36 Hours After Leaving Our Home Country

  1. Wow – you are SUCH a trooper! Sounds like such a mess, but I’m glad you finally arrived safe and sound and are having a good time amidst the craziness. Can’t wait to hear all about your new home! 🙂

  2. Of course the baby catches a vomit bug!! Its just so typical of God to add something gross and funny (funny – later — not funny while you are wiping chunks up in the middle of the night) to an event that you believed couldn’t be any more taxing! But you made it! And now begins the get-over-jet-lag time! Fun!!!

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