Long rides in the car


We’ve just spent a week in the woods and low mountain country. It’s been wonderful to be out in the fresh air.

And then we had the 8+ hour drive back to our family’s home for the holidays.


We are thankful for the generosity of family in borrowing a vehicle large enough for all of us. The caveat is that it doesn’t have a DVD player (I remember I was determined to not buy one for the car, our used van already had it in it) and there’s not an audio auxiliary outlet to plug in our phones that are loaded with audiobooks and songs.


So this is how we passed the time:

-Reading aloud (my voice is hoarse but we’re nearly halfway done with By the Shores of Silver Lake)

-Play Eye-spy

-Sing fun songs like Hallelujah (one time quietly, one time loud, etc) Old MacDonald’s Farm

-Practice counting, alphabet and addition facts, animal noises, you name it! Work their brains.

-Tell the kids’ birth stories

-Play the blessing game and ask each person to say one thing they are thankful for

I know there are lots more ideas but next to snacks and the above, that’s how we managed to complete our long drive.

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