Packing Overseas: Toiletries


Another fantastic shot of the inside of a plastic box!

This post in the series is focused on toiletries

and some possible changes in types

so it’s more conducive for the traveling lifestyle.


1. Shampoo Bars & Soap

Have you heard of these gems?

It’s the same as liquid shampoo in that it nourishes the scalp

and cleanses the hair but in bar form.

We love Chagrin Valley’s shampoo bars

and there’s a lot to choose from;

our favorites are the citrus (light & fresh) flavor & the butter bar (moisturizing!).

They carry soaps too and we have also used their shampoo bars as soap in a pinch.

Clearly I bought these at Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company.


2. Shaving Bar

Along the same lines, there’s these lovely little bars of shaving goodness.

Imagine taking those air-pressured shaving creams and having them explode=No Fun!

Enter these lovely and masculine-ish smells and bars.

Bought also at Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company.


3. All-Natural Deodorant

Okay, so you have showered and shaved,

but you know you’ll start sweating but you don’t want to be stinky.

And you want something that travels easily but works great

without any junky stuff, right?

My husband and I love Primal Pit Paste!

It works awesome and we actually both like the thyme & lemongrass strong jar!

I bought this at Primal Pit Paste.


4. Toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, razors & razor heads, chapstick, etc.

I bought our Tom’s fluoride free toothpaste at VitaCost or Amazon.

Toothbrushes were purchased at Target & Dollar Store & gathered (for free!) at our dentist.

We bought a huge pack of razor heads at Costco (it cost an arm & a leg but should cover us for over a year.)


As like all the rest of the posts, I try to put it all in ziplocs

and then contain them in a small plastic bin.

***For keeping the cost down, I kept a lookout for Target to have plastic bin sales

and was able to combine it with their cartwheel coupon app.

What are some toiletries that are a must for you?

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