Fighting the Entitlement Worldview

When I spend time with others different from me, it grounds me. Our family has spent 1 hour of most Saturday mornings this past year with the homeless. We committed to giving up 1 hour of our Saturday morning ritual of laziness to 1 hour of intentional fellowship with others who are different from us.


And though Satan tried to thwart our Saturday morning visits, we were able to maintain that tradition most regularly. This commitment wasn’t exceptional but it did radically change our family’s outlook on life.


Our kids started asking why questions. Why couldn’t we have a homeless friend live at our house? Why did they live in a van? Why are we throwing a baby shower for a homeless couple? Why do we have a house? Why do we have 2 cars?


And it grew to how questions. How can we help? How can we serve others? How can we show others Jesus?


And hopefully it’ll continue to flourish into asking God to use us. Use our gifts. Use our talents. Use the material possessions you have given us.


But for now with all the rush of packing, organizing, moving and planning we have had to end our tradition. And with that comes my selfishness. What I “need”. When I “need” it. My husband likes to describe the entitlement worldview as “I breathe, therefore I deserve.”

And so I am attempting to fight the entitlement view.


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