Finding Ways to Be Thankful when it’s Inconvenient

I love being in a place of thankfulness! I love feeling like time is at a standstill and I can enjoy each breath and second.

But let’s face it, I haven’t done that in awhile. I just feel a bit overwhelmed. My mind is crammed with all that needs to get done, remembered or packed.


After holy yoga this morning, I prayed asking God to help me find ways to be thankful. What blessings could I spot in my day? How could I adjust my thinking to center on His grace and provisions?


I always like my quiet mornings. I love getting up early and having time to breath (literally & figuratively). And most mornings, I hear the always too early (at least for me) calls, cries and shrieks of the kids getting up. It’s inevitable. I’ll creep up the stairs and tiptoe in my room only to hear their stirrings. But today was different instead of the kids waking themselves, I accidentally slammed the bathroom door.

I had to flip to something positive about the scenario. I opted to be thankful that it hadn’t happened sooner. I was also thankful that I am not fully deaf so I can actually hear my children when they wake.


Have you ever worked out and was interrupted? I know that feeling! So what’s a good flip side? I remind myself that His grace is sufficient and clearly God directed my steps to another work (like changing diapers or making breakfast).


I was cleaning a glass cup and noticed it was broken. Blessing? One less thing to pack.


I know it’s nothing profound but have you tried the exercise? I think it will be really helpful when we move overseas! It will be an interesting game to play when we are stranded in an international airport, have lost our bags and haven’t slept in 29 hours.


His grace is sufficient for you!

2 thoughts on “Finding Ways to Be Thankful when it’s Inconvenient

  1. This has been a really common theme in my life lately as well. Not that I’ve been ANY good at it, but… just the striving. Ya know? And discovering how important true gratefulness is to EVERY aspect of my life… how my attitude and life flows out of my mental and emotional state and how gratefulness really shapes that. It’s crazy! How did I never see this before? Most likely because I wasn’t ready, but… ah well. Now is better than never, right? Glad to know you’re on a similar journey, even in the midst of a very different phase of your life. 🙂 *hugs

    • I think striving is what matters in the end! Keep on pursuing the good and getting over the tough and bad is paramount to having an attitude that is Christ-centered and not self-focused. I am striving too my friend!

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