Faux Sloppy Joes


A week or two ago I made these faux sloppy joes and it actually was really tasty!


I didn’t do anything radically different than the original recipe.

My oldest found some freshly baked bread at a local produce shop so we grabbed that and made it like a sub sandwich.

I added chopped up mushrooms and looking back I wish I had added some shredded veggies like zucchini and carrots.


Also to entice the kids a bit more, I melted cheese over the bread.


For the hubs & I, the sandwich included avocado and tomato slices.


I served it with a side of roasted potatoes.

A couple thoughts here…if you didn’t want the bread, eat the sloppy sauce over potatoes…I did!

I have a fault of never reading the recipe thoroughly and as we are eating up our pantry staples before the big move, I accidentally made a double recipe.

So we had a lot of sloppy left! Enter football Saturday and vegetarian nachos!


I never pretended for these to be a great meat-lovers alternative so it was never a fight for that title. Still it was healthy, tasty and had lots of variables that could be changed out (a love of mine is adding different toppings!).


Do you ever make typical meat dishes vegetarian?

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