A Basket-Full of Encouragement


After having a baby (or really just being a mom to young kids) you can sometimes feel a little bit out of it and dirty and stinky and well less feminine.

I still can struggle with not feeling feminine or girly, so imagine a new mama who is balancing less sleep & long hours, dealing with the weight of having a new person to love and care for and trying to get back into the groove of life?


Enter a little bit of encouragement in the form of a few of her favorite things!

*This can also bless a new mama via adoption, a single mom, a just moved into town neighbor or someone who’s recently become an empty-nester.


I enlisted the help of a friend to help me gather ideas for a little pick-me-up present. (My hubs also contacted the husband to learn some of her favorite things.)

The kids and I picked up…


An aromatherapeutic candle


Dove milk chocolate (Sweet & sentimental notes inside the wrappers)


Fruity, sweet and still girly


Lara-bar for when you need a little extra something.


Berries covered chocolates…need I say more?


Target wasn’t carrying the candy she liked (info acquired via husbands), so I opted for similar gummy candy.

Another way to spruce up a girl is to pick up some classy earrings. I went with a very neutral design because I wasn’t sure what she liked.


Martha Stewart magazine…..for all those times she has extra time to read!!


Lastly picked up flowers & a seasonal drink and sped this little combo over to her house ASAP.

I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling super happy and was very self-focused that day. But once I opted to surprise a friend, it blessed me in turn to use my energy for someone else!

How do you like to cheer others?

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