I feel like the Absent-Minded Professor

I have brilliant ideas…just I’m typically 2 steps behind and late.


I may have some creative juices in me but they are pushed behind the daily to-do’s and maintaining schedules.


Pinterest can sometimes push me into guilt but also it can provide examples and countless ideas.


I would love to bring more creative fun into our family but at what cost? More stress? More expense? Less sleep?


In a couple months I’ll have some breathing room before the big move.


So channeling my Absent-Minded Professor side, I embrace repentance, a slower-thinking mind, more cuddles and grace for the now.

One thought on “I feel like the Absent-Minded Professor

  1. Cuddles and grace are what we all need. Good that you recognize this and make tha your focus instead of the comparisons we make of us against others. You’re such a great mom – and that what does now and will always matter most. *hugs

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