A Fruit of the Spirit Moment::::Patience


When there are situations in life that call for the kids and I to practice a fruit of the spirit, I try to point it out and prepare everyone for it.


It can be motivational to know what we are working towards and why it’s important.


I know in upcoming seasons of life we are going to be pressed hard in all areas of life.

Well ok, I already feel a little pressed now!

But when we have our focus on Christ and know that it’s something of great importance to Him and ourselves, I feel like we can tackle it better.


Yesterday we spent a long day traveling and visiting a doctor and completing some other tasks on the way home.


The operative word yesterday was patience.

Patience to drive almost 2 hours in the car.

Patience to sit while getting tests done.

Patience as we walked to and from our various appointments.

Patience to wait and see the doctor.

Patience to drive home in rush hour.

Patience as we tried on clothes and browsed stores looking for important traveling necessities.

Patience as we ate a less than stellar dinner.

Patience as we drove home and went to bed without ever having a chance to play at home that day.


Patience may not be fun. But it’s a discipline we all need.

Yesterday, we all took hold of grace because we failed at patience countless times but He never fails.

I bet we’ll have ample opportunities to practice patience in the future.

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