Finding Joy in Motherhood

In the American culture today, motherhood isn’t prized or valued. It’s seen as a necessary evil. I’m here to tell you that’s a lie. Joy can be found in mothering; we just need to look for it.

photo 1

Joy is found in the quiet moments of life when the first little one wakes and you have a precious moment to hold and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

photo 1-1

It’s found when you are rushing out of the house and have to stop to help a child put on his shoes and he leans over and kisses your cheek.


It’s found when you are wading into a rushing creek and are guiding your children across it while the baby is on your back and you hear her laugh with glee.

It’s found when you see your children’s eyes light up when they spot a new insect.

photo 3-2

It’s found when no one else is watching.

photo 4-1

It’s found when we seek it.

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