Visiting a New State

Aloha! Can you guess where I am? I have kept mute of our specific travels just to keep you all from jealousy. But here’s a little picture blurbs of our recent adventures.


We hiked to the top of Diamond Head. My brother in law carried Hallmark the 3/4 mile hike up and then on the way back the Third ran down with him. Sweet Cheeks was in the backpack for the way up and then scampered down on her own two feet the last 1/4 mile while Hallmark took her prized seat. Joyful found her rhythm and held onto my sister’s hand.


And this is what you get at the top. Even for my fear of heights, the view was breathtaking!


We also have visited Pearl Harbor.


And it was a solemn occasion where the kids could feel the heaviness of the history.


It was an opportunity to explain to the kids how we pray for our enemies and how enemies can become friends. It’s hard for them to comprehend how we are to love our enemies but that’s what Christ did with us.


But let’s be real. We have done a lot of beach visits!


We have checked out crabs, sea turtles, paddle boarded, boogie boarded, thrown sand, jumped waves, skipped rocks, screamed and ran from the waves, buried ourselves, and eaten a lot of snacks!


We’ve had lots of sleepy moments too.


And a lot of kisses.

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