8 Ways to Help Young Kids’ Travel on Planes

In the coming week, the kids and I will be traveling to visit my sister in Hawaii.

As you may imagine, we are super excited!!


Independent and adventurous spirits will be needed on this trip!

But there are still some logistical obstacles to knock down

and mad organizational skills I need to acquire first.


The kids will need to be responsible for their own belongings.

So here are a few ways I am trying to help my kids

stay in control of their emotions,

have their blood sugar run consistently

and keep them entertained

while sitting in a confined space for many hours.


Selfless attitudes and much prayer are appreciated.

The hardest part is saying goodbye to Daddy!

We’ll miss him but we know we’re in for a great adventure!


We remember we are stronger when we’re a team!

8 Things to Help Young Kids’ Plane Travels

1. I want to encourage them to play nicely together (see above picture)

by providing easy toys that can multiply their imaginations.

ie. plastic animals, matchbox cars, etc.

2. I want them to feel secure and comfortable.

So everyone will have their own blanket and comfort stuffed animal/doll.

3. Keeping personal belongings close by.

All but Sweet Cheeks will carry their own backpack with their toys in it.

This allows for maintaining responsibility,

ensuring everyone has their own toys

and less fighting will occur over toys.

*Note: Clearly this is an assumption.

4. Prepare for multimedia entertainment.

We bought extra headphones for the kids,

a docket that holds up to 6 audio cords,

4 new movies loaded onto the iPad,

2 movies onto my iPhone

(in the event that we are split up during the flights),

new music & kids books on cds are loaded onto the devices.

5. Hunger strikes at the most inopportune moments.

I haven’t flown in years

but word on the street is no meal

unless it’s an international flight.

So at the advice of a dear friend,

I went to Whole Foods, Target, & Costco

and bought multiple individual snack bags.

I aimed to get some fun snacks

and also some hearty ones

like nuts (fats & protein)

and granola bars (sweet).

6. Don’t forget the altitude and the change in air pressure.

As a kid, I had an awful time popping my ears.

I pray my kids didn’t inherit my wretched lack of popping skills.

Just in case, I am bringing lollipops,

empty plastic kids cups with suction lids

(even for my 6 year old)

and of course the never fail, gum.

7.  Creative Alternative play.

What happens if your iPad battery runs out

& there’s no where to plug it in?

Or someone is motion sick?

Or is tired of watching movies?

Whip out crayons & coloring books,

individual sized playdoh,

or play i-Spy.

8. Inevitably, the kid who was perfectly potty-trained before the trip

will suddenly forget and have the accident of all accidents.

If you have a child that is known for having accidents,

just leave the stress at home and provide a pull-up

(if the kid is willing to wear one).

If there’s room in your bag,

throw in an extra pair of pants for the kiddos.

And maybe a shirt for yourself

because accidents happen.

Do you have any tips? Please, I’d love to hear them!

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