5 Reasons We Adopted Domestically

I’ll be clear,

these are some of our reasons,

but that doesn’t mean they are absolute.

Rather at the stage we were in,

we felt these were some of the main reasons

God was calling us to adopt domestically.


It may be different for others.

But I hope this will spur you on

as you consider adoption.


There’s Always Hope.

1. We felt deeply called to follow the Bible’s reference to

serve and carry the burden of our neighbors.

We felt comfortable calling all Americans our neighbors.

It’s the idea of a community.

Mark 12:31 (NIV) says,

“The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”


My superheroes

2. We felt called to minister to our own country.

While we firmly believe that we need to care about internationals,

we also have a duty to aid those closest to us,

ie. other Americans.


Sea turtle & the Third

3. With my husband serving in the military,

it’s easier to adopt domestically where there’s no international travel.

Many military personnel adopt overseas,

however it it a more extensive process

and we wanted forego any extra hurdles at the time.


The fabulous four picnicking outside.

4. We really prayed that we could meet the birthmother

and learn our child’s history, so we could pass it on.

It is easier to have an open adoption in America

than in other countries.


Caught in mid-action high-five

5. Simply, it was easier and more “achievable”.

I put the parentheses there because anything is possible with the Lord.

We truly felt that at the stage of life we were in,


marriage wise,

and community wise,

domestic adoption was for us.


Sweet Cheeks sporting her sister’s hair cap.

Lord willing, we’ll adopt again.

And what will it be like?

Where will we be called to adopt?

Only the Lord knows.

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